The Paranormal Community - Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

In this day and age of what some may call a "Ghost Renaissance" era where the highlight of the
paranormal and supernatural are commonly seen daily on our televisions, at the movie theatre
and highlighted upon a multitude of radio shows the ever rising acceptance and demand for
the paranormal, about 4 to 5 people out of every ten now believe in ghost and the existence of
afterlife upon our earthly plane.

Within the dark abyss of the paranormal community one would think we all would be supportive
of one another's research, evidence, theories, etc. and all work with one another on the
presentation of our work to the non-paranormal community whose belief in our work has
become even more accepted and believed in.  

What many of these believers do not see is the blatant lack of unification within the paranormal
community as a whole and what actually takes place behind the investigative lines and yet even
deeper lies the "dog eat dog" practices and beliefs that many within the paranormal community
live by.  Even within individual teams, these practices stem from within and eventually cause
the demise of many investigative and research teams like a bad apple at the bottom of the

Being a very active member of this community while serving on an investigative and research
team, I sometimes am baffled over the uphill battle within our own community and do not
understand why such lack of support for one another even exist.  

There seems to be a vast amount of egotism, territorial issues, competition and so much
infighting that I can not phantom how we even still exist as a whole or even have one ounce of
credibility within the collective of our field.  Yet somehow even with bearing this extra weight
and all of the ball and chains we still slowly creep up the hill and somehow get the job done.

I have heard of and believe in skepticism myself, but it goes well beyond that when an
individual or group within our community presents and shares a great piece of evidence and
seven out of ten individuals within our own community start to unintelligently slash it apart
before the publics eyes with sharp butcher knives and large axes with remarks and other
actions that do not intelligently assist with the proper analysis or any potential explainable
causes for such captures.  Such remarks usually are two or less unintelligent words such as
"It's photo-shopped", "It's fake", "They suck", etc.  

With such blatant unintelligent actions, it is a wonder how anyone within our field can present
anything outside of our community with any shred of integrity left after going through the
negative para-shredder within our own community before the publics eyes.  

Many of these individuals within the paranormal field will devote more energy to negativism
and hostile actions against other individuals and groups versus taking a positive proactive
position within the field.  The actions of some will even boarder legal harassment, defamation,
slander, cyber stalking, etc.  I find this very disheartening and sad.

As a professional, I go to work every day and work with others that I do not personally like.  I
still get my job done and support them with the jobs they are doing as well.  This is what we in
the paranormal community need to do in order to get the job done as a "team".  Even though
we are made up of many individuals and smaller teams, we are still a very large "paranormal
team or family" that as a whole has a job to get done together.  The only way we are going to
professionally accomplish this is to place personal vendettas and agendas behind us and
strive to unify and work together in the present and future goals of our community.

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The Paranormal Community
Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?
by Gregory Myers
President of Paranormal Task Force
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