A Pandora's Box Waiting to be Opened

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Corpsewood Manor and the 1982 Murders.

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                   ~ Theistic or Spiritual Satanism ~

Also, we would like to share a bit on what is called "Spiritual Satanism" from a site that
can be viewed by clicking

"Satan is the bringer of knowledge. The goal of Spiritual Satanism is to apply this
knowledge. Spiritual Satanists do not just talk the talk about becoming a god; we work at
it every day. Satan and his Demons guide us to use abilities we never even knew we had.
We accomplish this through power meditation."

I think this summarizes what Dr. Scudder could have been possibly trying to achieve with
his beliefs.  The above links are provided here only for the awareness and
understanding of the reality of this issue and what can be found in our world.

A few years back, Paranormal Task Force (PTF) then Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR) was
contacted by an individual in Missouri who was excited about a package that would be arriving
soon. This was no normal package. It contained artifacts from the ruins of an estate called
"Corpsewood Manor" near Trion, Georgia, which is also called "Devil Worship Mountain" by
some of the locals in the area.  Only a higher power would know why a person would want such
artifacts or why they would want a paranormal research and investigative group such as MPR to
"investigate" or study them for potential "negative" residual energies.

This story begins long ago when Dr. Charles Scudder was an associate professor at a college in
the Chicago area.  Not only was he an associate professor, it was believed that he was involved
in LSD 25 experimentation and satanic worship as well.  It was is further rumored that Dr.
Scudder was also in close contact with Anton LaVey, the icon of the Church of Satan in the
United States as well as other such icons in Europe.   It is believed written correspondence still
exists which supports his relationships with such individuals.

The person contacting us had actually met Dr. Scudder many years ago while in the Chicago
area through an association with the doctor’s son.  Dr. Scudder’s mansion was clad with decor
from a darker side of faith which included elegant stained glass windows with demonic
representation, a library containing ancient books (some possibly bound with human skin),
rooms with red velvet lined walls, a bed encrusted with carved satanic faces and emblems
made during the renaissance era in Italy, a very valuable golden harp, and a variety of other
ritualistic items representing a faith and belief in the darker realms.

Life went on for this individual after visiting the Scudder home a few times. Dr. Scudder,
however, would soon meet a tragic end.  During the 1970's, Dr. Scudder and Joseph Odom, his
devoted servant, friend, and rumored lover decided to part from the interferences of society
and civilization.  They sold or gave away all material possessions which had no personal or
symbolic value to them and moved to an isolated mountain where they purchased about 40
acres of property to start a self-proclaimed kingdom on the outskirts of the Appalachian
Mountains in Georgia near a small fundamental Bible belt town called Trion.

The property Dr. Scudder and Odom purchased was wilderness. They first had to clear and
excavate the land by hand; and then, brick by brick, they began building their dream “castle”
which they named Corpsewood Manor. After two years of hard labor, they completed their
dream home and lived a life of solitude without the corrupting influence of modern day
conveniences such as electricity, phones, and other utilities. Their food came from the gardens
they planted and the chickens they raised.

It was further rumored that they became involved in various small social circles in the
community where they shared their wine and sometimes, unknown to their recipients, some of
their life time supply of LSD 25.  Whether this was done so they could engage in strange sexual
fetishes or as a means for them to physically and psychologically torture the bodies and souls
of their infrequent visitors for ritualistic purposes is still very unclear, but the potential can not
be ruled out.  It has been said that various torture and items of restraint were found on this
estate in an area called the "pink room".
On Sunday, December 12, 1982, Dr. Scudder and Joseph Odom were unexpectedly visited by
Kenneth Avery Brock, a friend from their small local circle. Kenneth also brought his friend,
Tony West, and two other people.  Weeks before, Kenneth had told Tony of Dr. Scudder and
Odom, emphasizing how they lived like Kings at Corpsewood Manor.  After hearing this, Tony
began developing a plan to rob Corpsewood Manor of its rumored riches. After he arrived at
the Manor, however, some force flipped a switch inside his head resulting in the cold-blooded,
brutal slaying of Dr. Scudder, his companion, Odom, and even his two Mastiff canines.  These
murders were later known as the "Corpsewood Murders" in a book written about them.

After the murders, the estate was looted and stripped of any thing of value, including its many
ritualistic relics, and then burned to the ground.  The whereabouts of many of these stolen
items are still unknown today.  Both Dr. Scudder and Odom were cremated. Odom's ashes were
spread at the Corpsewood Estate while Dr. Scudder's were taken far away from his companion
and rumored lover.  

As Dr. Scudder had written his wife and two children out of his will and named Joseph Odom as
his sole heir, a large legal battle developed over the inheritance of the estate. The legal battle
was focused upon the time of the two murders. If Joseph Odom died first, his estate would go
to Dr. Scudder's family. If Dr. Scudder passed away first, the estate would go to the family of
Joseph Odom.  After a long battle, it was finally determined that Dr. Scudder passed away first,
and the Corpsewood Manor Estate went to the family of Joseph Odom.

Now, coming back to the present, I have to ask again why someone would want artifacts from
the ruins of this place? These relics came from Corpsewood Manor where satanic ceremonies
and other dark rituals were performed. What potential for evil would these items still have? The
potential harm would be enough for me to "advance straight to ‘go’ and collect $200".  Add to
this the cold-blooded doubled murders, and I lose any desire to have them within 100 miles of
me much less any curiosity to examine them.
I admit that at first I was curious about these items, and I had paranormal interest as well. Would
they emit erratic EMF, fluctuating temperature readings, or produce anomalies under IR
photography, etc.  

I talked to the individual who was expecting the box of relics and learned that the items were
still sealed in the box they had originally been stored in. I also discovered that the box had not
been touched since being placed into storage after the murders. I learned, too, that “power”
could be felt radiating from the sealed box. All this information led me to realize that given
these items known history with Dr. Scudder they did not need to be studied or handled by
anyone. I was convinced that they potentially were some sort of key connecting one’s soul to a
darker element. Evil can arrive at your doorstep in many forms and it is human curiosity which
opens that Pandora's Box and allows it to escape and infest others.  

There was another fact that persuaded me that opening this box would be dangerous. Dr.
Scudder had had ties to Anton LaVey, the head of the Church of Satan in the United States, and
other such icons in the European realms which allows that this specific Pandora's Box could be
filled with a negativity or evil beyond my imagination and control.  After reading some of Dr.
Scudder's articles and other writings that I could find, I came to feel that he was going beyond
the powers which stem from such negativity; possibly he was even going to Satan himself and
other unknown entities.  God or the Creator alone should have the power to unleash such
negativity. I truly believe that Dr. Scudder believed he was on a dark, ritualistic path that could
make him a dark-sided equal in an infinite existence. The darker aspects involved in this
situation makes me further realize that this may actually be one of the largest Pandora’s Boxes
in existence today.

As such, in closing, I recommended to this person that the items should be left in the box they
came in, bound with a cross, and then dropped in the middle of a very deep river or body of
flowing water.  This was the same advice that a prominent demonoligist and paranormal
researcher initially gave when I contacted him on this odd situation.  Being the oversized
Pandora's Box that I believe this situation is, I would further recommend that an actual rite of
exorcism and/or other blessings and rituals of a positive or good nature be performed upon
the entire property and ruins where Corpsewood Manor stood.  

Like this case, this “Pandora’s Box” also needs to be sealed forever in hopes that human
curiosity does not unlock and open it in the future.

If I were consulted by other people who possess any relics from this site, I would strongly
suggest that the objects be disposed of in the same manner, or at a minimum, taken to a
practitioner of a good or positive energy based faith for a blessing or exorcism.  To keep such
items in ones possession opens a big question concerning purpose and intent.  Curiosity is
one thing, but to possess a Pandora’s Box may produce a very negative impact upon yourself,
your family, your friends, and possibly society as a whole. Finally, I would recommend that the
curious or adventurous not step foot on the grounds where Corpsewood Manor once stood.

Believe what you wish, but remember that the Devil, Evil, or whatever you believe the great
negative entity or energy is becomes more powerful when its existence is denied.

The French poet Charles Baudelaire said, "The devil's deepest wile is to persuade us that he
does not exist."

Mark Twain also said, ''Satan hasn't a single salaried helper; the Opposition employs millions.''

Thank you to Laura Helbig for final editing!
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Corpsewood Manor
Corpsewood Manor
~ A Pandora's Box Waiting to be Opened~

by Gregory Myers, President - Paranormal Task Force
Final Editing by Laura Helbig

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