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Do you see things which have you question your sanity?  

Do you hear strange noises that you can not explain?  

Do you witness objects moving in front of your eyes or disappearing and reappearing at a
later time?  

Do unseen forces physically attack, shove, scratch or grab you?  

Do you experience randomized cold or hot areas in your home or business with no logical

Are you afraid of going into an area of your own home or business?

Do you experience any of the above or even worse?  Many people become victimized by
something that they do not even see or understand.  They live in fear every day of their lives
and due to fears of being ridiculed they do not tell others or seek the help they need.  They
worry about others thinking they are not sane and allow themselves and their family to
remain victims of the unknown.  In the most extreme cases they will even flee from their
home in the middle of the night leaving their life long possessions and investments behind
just to escape the unknown dangers that have plagued them for days, weeks, months or
even years.

Here at Paranormal Task Force we know what you and your family are going through.  Almost
every member here at MPR has experienced or lived through what you are going through
right now. Some of us of us have even been that person worried about what others would
think and ran out in the middle of the night to escape the dangers from unknown realms then
returned to overcome our fears and extinguish the dangers.

At Paranormal Task Force we have assembled a family of professional people who are
experienced with the paranormal and know what you are experiencing and the effects it may
be having upon you and your family. As the client you are our number one priority.  You are
the one ultimately in charge of the investigation, you are the one who makes the decisions
after we present you with an intelligent analysis of your situation and collected evidence with
a variety of solutions.  You are the one who makes the ultimate decision concerning which
solution is best for you.  We respect you and your privacy, home, business, family, pets,
belongings, feelings, and wishes.  At MPR we will not abandon you and we vow to stay with
you until the end.       

If we are the first investigative group that you have come across, then we would like to
suggest that you take the time and also research other like groups and services before
making that final choice on who you choose to assist you.  Even though all of our services
are free, you are still a consumer and as such should not just choose a service provider
because they were the first one you found in a directory or on the World Wide Web.  

If you take the very next important step and contact us to assist you then here is what you
can expect.

We will promptly contact you via email or telephone and send you a questionnaire or conduct
an interview so we can learn more about your unique situation, you can also interview us and
ask us questions as the same time.  

Here are some questions we will ask during our interview.  Sending the answers to these
with your email or having them written down for when one of our team members contact you
will greatly increase the efficiency of the service we can provide.

- The details of what you are experiencing.

- When did the activity begin?

- Are your experiences limited to or more common in specific areas of your home or

- Does the activity happen during specific time frames, only on certain days, when you are
doing something specific, etc.?

- Does the activity only happen to specific individuals?

- Who has witnessed the activity?

- Do certain odors or fragrances accompany the activity?  If so, describe such.

- Are unexplainable cold or hot spots noticed when the activity occurs?

- If sounds are involved, what do they sound like?

- If seeing something unusual, how would you describe it and any characteristics of it?

- Your knowledge about the history of the property and land in question.

- What emotional or psychological effects are you and/or your family experiencing due to this?

- Anything else that you think is relevant to your situation.

- Why, in your opinion, do you need our services and what "end results" do you hope to

These are a few of the questions we will start with during an interview.  As the answers and
further details develop, we will then develop more detailed questions which will help
address your unique and individual situation.  No two hauntings are exactly alike.  Many times
we can even provide assistance without a full investigation.  Sometimes interview(s) with
simple research can provide you with an explainable cause or simple solution to your
situation.  If we can not resolve your problem during this stage then at your request we will
conduct a specialized investigation tailored for your unique needs.

If an actual investigation is requested then we will first send out 2 or 3 team members to your
home for an initial survey and safety walk through.  During this visit we will take some base
readings and photographs with our equipment and look for possible explainable causes for
what you are experiencing.  We will also sit down with you and ask more questions if needed
and explain the best tailored investigation process to suit your needs.  This is also the time
to ask us any further questions that you may have as well.  We will then, or soon after,
schedule a mutually agreeable time to conduct the actual investigation and to set the logistic
parameters that you may require.  The best time to schedule an investigation is for when the
activity is normally experienced.

During the actual investigation we will bring the required and agreed to amount of
investigators and equipment needed to fulfill the needs of your specific situation. You will
most likely see investigators using audio recorders, video and still cameras, EMF meters,
thermometers, and other related equipment.  We will collect a various amount of audio and
video recordings, still photographs, equipment readings and document human experience as
well.  After this process is completed we will then take all collected data and analyze it for
notable anomalies and potential evidence.  From this and all documented human
experiences we will then draft our findings into a report and consult with you further
concerning your situation.

In some cases specialized follow up investigations may be necessary in order for us to
intelligently draw and present proper conclusions and solutions to you concerning your
situation.  We will consult with you if this is recommended.

After we intelligently analyze the full situation we will then sit down with you and present all
of the evidence, analysis, reports and summaries for discussion and review then consult with
you concerning solutions to achieve what you desire.  We will never tell you that your home
or business is not haunted because an investigative group can not intelligently draw a final
conclusion that a place is not haunted by the limited time they have to experience such.

As the client, you will ultimately make the choice on what solution(s) is best for your needs.  
We will stay by your side and provide whatever assistance and guidance you require.  Many
times we have specialist on call at MPR which can provide the assistance you choose, if we
do not then we will help you seek whom can.

- At PTF the client comes first and makes all final decisions.

- PTF will respect and honor your privacy and confidentiality.

- PTF will stay with you until the end.

- PTF will respect and honor your family, property, belongings, pets and requests.

- PTF will never charge a fee for the services we provide.

- PTF adheres to the strictest set of ethics, standards and protocols.
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