Welcome to
"Your One Stop Paranormal Outlet"
Paranormal Task Force is devoted to both the educational and entertainment needs of the general
public and paranormal community alike.  Whether it is through simple presentations or through more
complex media projects, we are dedicated to the proper presentation of the paranormal including the
proper protocols, techniques, and ethics required to investigate, research, and document such.   From
one on one, to large venues, we can also service your every paranormal curiosity and need for your
event or media project.

Our past workshops, classes and other events have raised much needed funds for historic societies
and locations as well as educational programs and facilities.  Such an event can be a great way to raise
funds for your cause!

Here is a list of some things our paranormal professionals can provide for you or your event:

Media interviews - Availability of knowledgeable and experienced paranormal
researchers/investigators for interviews concerning anything paranormal in print, radio or television.

Presentations - Our professionals can give any type of paranormal or specialized presentation in a
visual or other type of delivery format with varying durations for your speaking event such as
conference, seminar, meeting or more.  Some past and present presentations include the infamous
Zombie Road, 1949 Exorcism, Urban Legends, Haunted (various geographic locations as needed), EVP
(Electronic Voice Phenomena), Case Management & Analysis, Team Development, Evidence Analysis,
Paranormal Research, Para-Dangers (The dangers of investigating the paranormal), Spirit
Communication, Client Assistance, Demonology and so much more.  We can even create a special
presentation for your specific needs or geographic area.

Ghost Hunting Workshops or Classes - Classroom instruction with visual (power point projection) aids
which teach each attendee the basics of proper paranormal research and investigation (Ghost
Hunting).  Instruction includes Haunting Types, Classifications and Content; Investigative Basics,
Protocols (Do's & Dont's) & Techniques; Equipment Used (with hands on interaction); Common
Explainable Photographic Anomalies; Summaries of some locations we have investigated and related
evidence captured; Summary of well known haunted locations or those nearby to the location of the
class (also a handout on such) and other specialized content as necessary.  We also allow participants
to interact and share their own stories with others at the workshop or class.  A workshop or class can
be combined with an Interactive Investigative Tour if there are suitable locations nearby.

Interactive Investigative Tours - These are interactive tours of historic and/or haunted locations
where the attendee gets a hands on with some paranormal investigative equipment giving them a
chance to experience a paranormal encounter with more than just their own fives senses.  Many times
an Interactive Investigative Tour can be coupled to another event such as a workshop or class to give
the attendee a full day or night of paranormal education, training and experience.

Overnight Investigations - A great way for you or your group to enjoy an all night investigative
adventure in a haunted and/or historic location seeking out and documenting paranormal activity with
the assistance of our professional and experienced investigators.  Attendees can bring their own ghost
hunting equipment and/or get hands on instructional use of equipment we bring as well.  This is a great
way to safely explore paranormal realms and to develop and build your own investigative skills.  
Overcome your fears of what goes bump in the night while meeting others which share your same
curiosity and love for the paranormal!

Paranormal or Ghost Hunting Themed Parties - Ever think of having a Paranormal or Ghost Hunting
themed Birthday or other type of party for yourself or the one you love?  If so, then we can also help you
to provide that specialized experience which can be both fun and educational!

Other Creative & Specialized Events - If you have an idea for another type of specialized paranormal
or ghost hunting themed event then contact us and we will do our best!

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Media and Event buttons to see what media, workshops, classes and other projects we
have appeared in and for upcoming events as well.  

If You are interested in using us for your event or other needs then please
entertainment@paranormaltaskforce.com for more information.  

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