~ A Review of the Ovilus Spirit Communication Device ~

When I had first heard of the Ovilus device and what it purported to do, I could not help
but laugh out of complete skepticism. I have always doubted claims that such paranormal
communication devices actually work. At best, I thought them to be products of wishful
thinking and at worst, pure hokum. When I was finally able to test out the Ovilus, I was
stunned at how well it worked and performed in the field.

The Ovilus is one of many paranormal field experimental devices created by Bill
Chappell, a retired electronics engineer and the founder of the
website. He states the device works by measuring changes in the “environmental”
energy fields around it. It modulates the energy changes into audible speech using a
synthesizer chip, an extensive English word dictionary, and a function that phonetically
sounds out words. Mr. Chappell calls this process ECM or “Environmental
Communications Mode” and states his devices do not employ any arbitrary techniques to
produce results such as random generation, sweep functioning, or programmed

The Ovilus is a small, lightweight device that is portable enough to be taken anywhere
during an investigation. It is powered by a 9-volt battery and has two audio-out jacks so
headphones, external speakers, or audio recorders can be used simultaneously with the
device. The Ovilus also features a bright array of LED lights to graphically display various
readings, a feature useful for low light use.

The device has seven modes of operation. It includes a dictionary mode containing 512
stored words, phonetic mode (sounds out words by syllable), a combination mode (both
dictionary words and phonetics) and a “yes” or “no” mode. It also features an
electromagnetic field (EMF) mode that verbally outputs EMF levels in milligauss, a level
mode that only graphically displays EMF levels, and a dowsing mode that simulates
virtual dowsing rods.

I assume at this point, the reader is still fairly skeptical about the effectiveness of such a
device. I was initially doubtful too. However, after working on an investigation with Keith
Age of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society (LGHS) who had brought an Ovilus along with
him, my skepticism began to wane. I must admit, it took some time to adapt to the
device's primitive “speak-n-spell” like voice and I found myself initially unimpressed.
However, when it began repeating words relevant to the history and events specific to
the location we were investigating, I was shocked! On another floor of the investigation
area, it performed just as brilliantly stating unique location appropriate words.

After that experience, I began to warm up to the device and decided it might be a good fit
for our team. We ordered the Ovilus through Bill’s website and gave it a trial run on our
own investigations. We found the Ovilus very easy to use and it performed so well, we
added it to our arsenal of critical research equipment used on every investigation.

From our use in the field, we have noted some tips and precautions with these devices.
The Ovilus and other communication devices from Bill Chappell and Digital Dowsing may
attract a range of paranormal activity attempting to communicate. As such, we have
witnessed that the devices are capable of generating unexpected and sometimes
disturbing speech or text. With this in mind, they should not be used around or by
children, anyone suffering from mental illness or emotional trauma, or around those who
are easily offended. One must definitely give careful consideration to the use this device
around clients who may not want or need to know the information being imparted.
Furthermore, it should be considered that paranormal realms are not always the safest
and involvement can bring hidden psychological and physical dangers. I always
recommend that those who attempt any type of spirit communication should first protect
themselves with their own faith or spiritual beliefs.  

Use of this device requires rationalism and common sense. With only 512 dictionary
words and 71 phonetic syllables programmed in the Ovilus, some results from the device
can be attributed to coincidence and the odds of it saying something contextually correct
are statistically probable. A good investigator should always collect multiple sources of
evidence in an investigation that, when combined, may determine if the output of the
device is coincidental or not. Furthermore, researching the history and past events of
the locations where the device is being used also aids in validation.

We feel the Ovilus is a “must have” device of value to any paranormal investigator
desiring to gain an edge in researching the paranormal and it appears we may not alone
in our assessment. Having been featured in several prominent magazines, radio shows
and movies, Bill Chappell’s devices are gaining the attention of the entire paranormal

We have certainly been converted by Mr. Chappell’s visionary inventions. As we gain
more experience with the device, we plan on writing a more in-depth review of results
we get in the field.  If interested in learning about the Ovilus and his other devices, visit
Bill’s website at

© 2008 - Gregory Myers, Paranormal Task Force, Inc.

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"I Hear Dead People"
"I Hear Dead People"
~ A Review of the Ovilus Spirit Communication Device ~

by Gregory Myers, President of Paranormal Task Force

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