UNION HAUNTING - Personal Tribulation of GREG MYERS
    This is the personal tribulation of Greg who is the
    current President & Investigative Coordinator of
I had paranormal experiences until I reached my early teens. I somehow shut myself away
from them, though for about 20 years. During this period, as my earlier experiences became
long faded memories, I became skeptical of the paranormal. Eventually, I married a wonderful
woman and moved into a house where my paranormally sensitive wife attempted to convince
me that our lovely adobe was haunted by the spirits that used to reside in an early 1900s farm
house which had sat close to where our current home was built. As any good skeptic would, I
would just tell her that she was crazy and that there were no ghosts in our homes.

After five years of hearing her rants and updates of the alleged ghostly activities, my
paranormal senses were reawakened one early morning at about 1 a.m. I was sitting on the
porcelain throne in our second floor bathroom. Looking out the open door, I saw a man
standing on the stairs, his face pressed between the rails, watching me do my personal
business. Like a bolt from heaven I jumped off the toilet and ran into the bathroom.  “Call 9-1-
1!” I yelled at my wife as I grabbed a nearby shotgun. In the midst of my panic I was irritated to
realize that my wife was LAUGHING AT ME. Finally, she was able to tell me that I wasn’t going
to find anyone but ourselves in the house. Naturally, I didn’t believe her. I spent an hour
searching every room, every closet, all the pantries, underneath beds, and behind curtains
searching for this man that I KNEW was still in my house.  I finally gave up my search and
destroy mission, and allowed my wife to explain that I had merely seen one of the regular
spirits that she had been telling me about. Her explanation really didn’t help. It just left me
confused and baffled and with an elevated blood pressure and a heart pounding at a 100
beats minute.

Soon I began to notice mild, sensitive abilities. I could sense the presence of our visitors
from beyond the veil. Sometimes it was a quick reflection in a mirror or my computer screen.
These sightings renewed my interest and curiosity about the unknown realms. As I adjusted
to my awakened paranormal abilities, I began to do research via the Internet. Eventually, I
came across a local paranormal message board where Steven LaChance and other
paranormal investigators and enthusiasts shared their experiences. This is where I finally
learned of the infamous house on North Christina in Union, Missouri…a house which drew
me like a moth to a flame.

In August, 2005, I went to a paranormal open house of sorts with my wife and her cousin. I
only wished to get a quick glimpse of what an extreme haunting was so I could evaluate the
conditions in my own home. When we arrived at the house, we were greeted by Steven
LaChance and Linda Marsh, the current occupant.  

Eventually, we were taken inside the house where I was accosted by the most horrid nausea
and headache one could be plagued by. My first trip inside was very short. I lasted a whole
two minutes before retreating to the outside to recover and get back my senses. Thirty
minutes later, I bravely forged back in and was given a tour of the entire home with a
narrated overview of the non-human occupants and the areas they most liked to play.

I still have vivid memories of that night. We did a break out session with individual
investigators dividing into groups to stake out various “playground” areas of the invisible
dwellers. I was with the group led by Steven, and we were lucky enough to get the basement
for our first assignment.

During this period, we tried to communicate with the spirits in hopes of capturing
unexplainable voices on some of our audio recorders. This basement is where I experienced
by first “hot spot.” The temperature actually rose about 30 degrees above the ambient
temperature in a small moving area. I was used to cold spot experiences in my own home so I
found this very unique and was blind to the more negative causes for the reverse of what I
was used to. I remember we also saw very noticeable shadow movement during the flash of
various cameras, a door even partially opened and then fully closed again. After this session
in the basement and most of the participants had gone back up stairs, my wife’s cousin and I
stayed behind. When it was just the two of us, we both experienced a very heavy, dense
atmosphere which became so thick that it became hard to breath. It became as if a 20 foot
boa constrictor was wrapping itself around us. Our chests became tight and our backs began
to ache. Eventually this heaviness subsided, and we headed back upstairs to join the others
in attendance.

Later that night, my wife, her cousin, and I went to the breezeway. We had been told that the
entity nicknamed “Bob liked to play there. It wasn’t long before we began to notice a foul
odor, like a nasty sulfur and sewage “cologne”. With our paranormal alarms sounding, I
summoned for Steven to come upstairs. As we waited for him, I felt the presence of whatever
was there go out the window onto the roof overhang for the back part of the first floor. We
told Steven what we had smelled and experienced. I added that I might have been crazy, but I
thought “it” had gone onto the roof. “Do ghosts do rooftops?” I asked. Steven and I stuck our
heads out the window where we both smelled the foul odor. We also heard a very low pitched
growl tossed our way. Steven immediately said, “Bob, you better be good! Steven went back
downstairs and I stuck my head back out the window with my tape recorder in hand hoping to
capture some unexplained voices or EVP.

Other notable experiences were handed to us and eventually we made the one hour trip
back to our own corner of the paranormal world:  home. The next day I downloaded the audio
I had recorded at the Union house. After reading many articles on Electronic Voice
Phenomena (EVP) and seeing television programs about it, I thought it would be like finding a
needle in a haystack requiring that I really amplify the segments in order to hear any voices
from the other side that I may have captured. What I did not expect was to hear unexplainable
voices at a normal volume; the voices were as easily heard as if another human was with me.

I worked for hours listening to and extracting the unexplainable for further analysis. Then,
curious to find out how good my captures were, I sent some off to Todd Bates of Haunted
Voices -- www.hauntedvoices.com) for further input. I didn't have to wait for very long. Todd
soon replied stating how amazing many of the captures were, including his analysis of the Hz
ranges and classification levels. He even found many instances where the captures played
clearly and perfectly in both forward and reverse! Todd theorized that those EVPs came from
areas with possible portals or vortexes.

After sharing my findings with Steven, Linda, and the others who had been in attendance that
night, I couldn't wait to go back to this house of horrors to see what else I might experience
and capture. I didn't realize that this was the beginning of addiction that I now wish I had
never acquired. My wife, her cousin, and I were invited back to the Union house the following
weekend for a private investigation and more EVP sessions. These experiences were just as
spectacular as those of the first night, and the EVP captures were equally notable. Like a
junkie addicted to a drug, I couldn't wait to get back for another “para-fix.” We made several
more visits on subsequent weekends, and my addiction grew to new heights as did my

Eventually, my addition to the Union house had to be halted. Linda finally left due to the
negative influences the house had upon her, a place I know consider evil. After her suicidal
and homicidal ideation, along with a lengthy stay in a mental health facility and eventual
further visits by a Catholic priest who was summoned to help her spiritually, she moved to
escape the wrath and curse of the House of Demons.

I have had to fight against my addiction to this house even though it is like and EVP candy
store. The good that has come out of this, though, is that the Union house has brought me
much closer to a faith that I had drifted away from over the years.  

After I was cut off from my fix, and Linda suffered from a possible possession, this home, this
gateway to other realms must have faced its own withdrawal. I believe it, too, had become
addicted to all of the attention it had received. Weekend after weekend it had fed off the
“human energizers” that had kept it charged. Once Linda left the house and people stopped
visiting, its addiction was no longer satisfied. And though we could not to there, the Union
house demons found ways to visit many of us in our how homes.

For a period of time my own home became a battleground between good and evil. The
activities of our regular paranormal inhabitants were replaced by this ugly infestation. My
family and I witnessed things like our wood kitchen clock flying from the wall and crashing
into our sink which was 10 feet away. Our children’s toys were launched from our kitchen
table at our dogs who would be eight feet down the hall. Pictures fell off the walls all the time.
Our dogs would flee from rooms, hair on end, with their tails tucked between their legs. Our
autistic son frequently saw something that he referred to as the “bad man” while one of our
dogs would defend him, growling and snapping at whatever was there but invisible to our
own eyes. Light bulbs burned out five times faster than normal. The list of indignities we
suffered in our home went as far as me being pushed down hard when I attempted to stand
up to it.

Finally, with spiritual advice and renewed strength in our faith, we were able to return to our
normal routine. The unwelcome visitors from Union either returned home or paid visits to
other people who had been involved with the house over the years.  
Even today the demons from Union haunt my dreams. Sometimes they come for an occasional
visit just to remind me that they do indeed exist and that they have the power to visit my
home any time they desire.

My experiences with the Union house were bad. Even so, much good also came out of it.
Through my visits to the house I became involved with MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH
and made many new friends whom I think of as family. If I had to do it all over again, I think I
would because I love my new para-family, and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Thank You to Laura Helbig for final editing!

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