Many people are curious about this house and the interior layout.  To satisfy
such curiosities I have made this following picture tour page of both the
exterior and interior of th house.  These are non-paranormal pictures of this
location.  Click on the pictures below for a full size viewable version.

The first sets will be of the exterior from almost all angles.
To start with the interior, these first below pictures are of the Dinning Room
and Living Room areas.  When you first walk through the front door you are in
the Living Room then to the left is the Dinning Room (used as a second living
room and computer area in these pictures).  The Kitchen is then the room
through the doorway right behind the Dinning Room.
From right inside front door
looking into Dinning Room area.  
The Kitchen doorway can be seen.
A little further into the Living Room
viewing the front door and part of
the Dinning Room.
From the Kitchen doorway viewing
through the Dinning Room into the
Living Room and the Front Door.
From right inside Kitchen doorway
viewing the other part of the
Dinning Room area.
From the the Dinning Room area viewing
the Living Room.  The master bedroom is
adjacent to the Living Rooms left side.
From the Dinning Room into the Kitchen.  The back laundry room and back door is
through the door you see, the basement door is inside the Kitchen and
immediately to the right and through the Kitchen to the right is a bathroom, Master
Bedroom and Stairway going to the second floor.
From inside the Kitchen looking
towards the Dinning Room area
with the basement door on the left.
From right inside the Kitchen looking at the wall to the right with the
doorway going to the bathroom, master bedroom and stairway to second
floor area in the center picture and the door to the basement is viewed in
the right hand picture.
From the Kitchen viewing through the back door into the laundry room and
then the back door going outside.
From bottom of stairway and front
of bathroom door into Master
Bedroom.  The door connects to
the Living Room.
From Second Floor Hallway at top
of stairway looking down to the
bathroom and area where the
picture ot the left was taken from.
From bottom of stairway and front of bathroom and master bedroom viewing
the second floor hallway and the windows you see are the top ones viewed
when looking at the house from the street.  A bedroom is to the right upstairs
and another to the left.  A breezeway connects them which runs along the rear
of the second floor.
Now up to the second floor.
The bedroom to the left  viewing
the breezeway doorway.
From the Breezeway doorway
pictured left viewing the same
bedroom and doorway to the
hallway at top of stairs.
From doorway above viewing the
breezeway at the rear of the 2nd
floor.  The door to the left goes to
the other bedroom upstairs.
From the other end of the
breezeway viewing the end where
the picture to the right was taken.  
To the right is the doorway into the
pictured bedroom.
Now down to the Basement.
From the platform at the top of
stairs down to the basement.  After
going through the door from the
Kitchen a hard left is made on the
platform to go down the stairs.  
The wall below is the back wall of
the house.
From the left side of the stairs
pictured left viewing the stairs.
From the same area as the picture
to the right was taken viewing the
cellar door going to the side yard.
The left wall at the bottom of the
stairs. This is the side yard wall
where the cellar doors exit.  Also
in the corner is where a butcher
shower is located.
From the bottom right side of the
stairs viewing the stairs, the cellar
entry door on the right (back wall)
and the left wall pictured to the
From the bottom left side of the
stairs viewing the stairs and the
cellar entry door on the back wall.
From the butcher shower corner
viewing beneath the stairs.
A view of the house front wall in
the basement.
A view of the other side wall
towards the neighbors house.
A view of the basement cellar
stairs going to side yard.
The below pictures were taken in the Union Cemetery not too far from the home.  
The first is the grave of John Crowe.  The second is of his first wife Minerva and
the last one is of both together.  John Crowe was the original property owner of
the land surrounding this haunted home.
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