The Tri-County Restaurant 1st Follow-Up Investigation in Villa Ridge, MO -  Franklin County was
conducted on Saturday, August 19, 2006  from 9:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

In attendance were Greg, Terry, Tom, Theresa, Steven, Sandy, Steven M of MPR
(now PTF) and Carol
Baker of Balance Feng Shui & MPR with her husband Rod.

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time period of 9:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. were cloudy
to thunder storms,  wind from the N/NE/NW  5 to 15 mph,  temperature was 82 degrees Fahrenheit
dropping to 75, dew point was 72 dropping to 71, barometric pressure was 29.96 rising to 30.01 and
relative humidity was 82% rising to 87%.

Lunar data was a Waning Cresent Moon at  11% Full. Solar X-Rays were Active and the Geomagnetic
Field was a storm.

Tri-County Restaurant is an historical Old Route 66 landmark located in Villa Ridge, MO and which is
still fully operating (Closed in September 2006).  The property was originally owned by a Spencer
Groff, who along with his father owned a large chunk of land very near the present day Tri-County
Restaurant & Truck Stop  (TCTS).  The property saw many structures as the restaurant started as a
garage where they soon started selling soft drinks and tobacco.  At this early time it was known as the
Altamont Garage Park.  Due to the bright yellow paint the location was given the name of the Banana
stand which stuck for many years.  Later the Groff's erected The Diamonds Restaurant in 1927 which
claimed to be the "world's largest roadside restaurant". It was built in the shape of a baseball diamond
due to the odd shape of the lot.

It was not till the time of the fire on Feb 27,1948 (Although the Franklin county tribune said it was on
March 4, 1947), that the restaurant passed ownership to the Eckelkamp Family which rebuilt what was
the 2nd Diamonds Restaurant which served the public under that name until 1967 when a newer
(third) building was erected east and closer to the newer Interstate 44.  The Diamonds sign and name
were taken to this new site and a new owner bought this older building and opened what is now the
Tri-County Restaurant & Truck Stop.

A full detailed history with pictures can be viewed via the "Tri-County History" tab on the Navigation
Menu on the left side of this page.

Rumors which concern this historical site include the stories of a small girl being hit and killed by a
speeding car one day long ago when she got off of her school bus and crossed the road in front of
this restaurant and another of a truck driver being struck and killed at some point near the same

Other stories tell of possible suicides, drug overdoses or heart attacks of truckers who once stayed
in the then existing lodging cabins on the site or the later sleeping rooms located on its second floor.

Haunting stories from both current and past employees, owners and guest include sightings of an
apparition in the dinning room area and main floor of a man who wears khaki or tan pants with a
checkered or plaid designed shirt, the witnessing of a shadow apparition coming up the basement
stairs and into the kitchen area, children witnessing a man or monster on the stairs going to the
second floor with a knife and cutting or killing a woman.  It has been said that one time after a child
saw this that blood was found on the wall the very next morning.  Other stories are told of an unseen
spirit that employees have nicknamed "George" who will take a fancy to females and caress are lightly
touch them by stroking their arms, patting them on the back, etc.  Some customers and employees
have witness things moving on their own such as the salt and pepper shakers or ketchup bottles on
the tables, furniture during clean up, things being knocked to the ground and breaking when no one
is near them and various appliances being turned off or on their own.  Many current and past
employees are afraid to go into the basement or up on the second floor.

For this investigation 3 video recorders with and without infra red extenders and night shot
capabilities were used.  A robotic pc-camera system was used with a Lap Top PC.  Various digital still
cameras, EMF meters and IR Thermometers were utilized throughout the investigation.

The investigative group gathered at the Tri-County Restaurant between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m.   Further
interviews were conducted with owners and employees.  A mini-presentation of findings and potential
evidence from the previous initial August 12, 2006 Investigation was presented to the owner and

Carol collected measurements, compass readings and other data for Feng Shui analysis to develop a
full report on this building.

Equipment was focused again on the second floor and a mobile team was utilized to collect potential
evidence from other areas of this site.

1. Some investigators were touched by an unseen force in various manners including one
investigator who experienced severe stabbing pain along with body chills for 2 hours afterwards.

2. Audible voices, whispers and noises from unseen sources were experienced by many investigators
throughout the investigation.

3. A glowing blue anomaly was witnessed by an investigator in the Kitchen area for about a second
before it disappeared into the floor at about midnight.

4. Some investigative equipment was shut off and went back on with no explanation.

5. Various cold and hot spots were observed.

6. The feeling of being watched while in the building throughout the investigation was described by
many seasoned investigators.

7. A incandescent light bulb flew quickly though the air over 3 investigators and the owners brothers
heads crashing on the floor 45 to 50 feet in front of them at 2:18 a.m.  No one else was in the
basement at the time.

8. Vivid reoccurring dreams were experienced by Carol and Steven M after the investigation.  

Several digital and film still pictures were taken by various investigators along with several hours
worth of video and audio.   Full analysis of all gathered stills, video and audio will take some time to

Preliminary Analysis

Two very notable anomalies on video were captured along with some remarkable photographs and
some notable audio.

Final Analysis & Results

A very notable blue anomaly was captured on video.  This is the same anomaly witnessed by an
investigator on the first floor about this same time where it was witnessed disappearing into the
middle of a steel table which is located above where the camera was located in the basement.  

Another video of an exceptional shadow anomaly was also captured during this investigation.  Also,
two notable EVP's were also captured.

It is the opinion of Missouri Paranormal Research that enough unexplainable evidence was
captured and/or experienced during both investigations to substantiate an actual haunting and
presence of paranormal activity.  Further analysis of the captured anomalies on video will provide
significant data and property analysis for the paranormal filed as a whole.

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force

The research section of MPR is in need of help. We are looking for information on a Mr. William Bates.   Mr. Bates is believed to
be the name of a person who lived in the basement of the Tri-County Truck Stop (formerly the Diamonds Restaurant) on
Historic Route 66 in Villa Ridge, MO.

Eyewitnesses tell us that he may have lived there from about the late 1950’s through the mid 1970’s.  He is described as a
short man who had the appearance of a vagrant, further described as a person who may have had some mental impairment.  
The last witness testimonial on Mr. Bates was that after an altercation he left the restaurant and ran in to the woods behind it.  
After a search, which was not successful, he was never seen at the truck stop again.

Although MPR has found lots of witness testimony there has not been any hard evidence that Mr. Bates did really exist. If you
knew Mr. Bates or know some one who does.  Please contact Tim at the following address:

Tri-County Restaurant August 19, 2006
Report Completed 09/27/06
History and Profile of Area
Urban Legend or Facts?
Human Experiences and Oddities
Potential Evidence for Analysis and Evaluation
Resulting Evidence

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