Private House (Private Residence - Missouri)  - Investigation of November 19, 2005 - 3:30 p.m. to
11:30 p.m.

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time period of 3:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Was
partly cloudy, winds from the south/south west ranging from 6 to 12 mph, temperatures started at 60
degrees Fahrenheit and dropped to 46 degrees Fahrenheit by 11:30 p.m., dew point ranged from 21
to 28 for the duration of this investigation, barometric pressure ranged from 30.01 rising to 30.14
duration this investigation. Relative Humidity Ranged from 23% rising to 50%.

Lunar data was a Waning Gibbous Moon at approximately 84 percent Full. Solar X-Rays were active
and the Geomagnetic Field was unsettled.

This house was built in the 1800's with an addition to it in the 1900's in a valley near the infamous
Zombie Road.

Other structures were present on the property.

Visiting family of neighbors have reported seeing a white glowing female figure on the front porch
and front yard area of this home.

Brought by Greg; Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter, La Crosse IR-101 Infra-Scan IR Thermometer,
Panasonic RR-US360 IC Recorder, Sony DSC-F828 8.0 Mega pixel Digital Still Camera, Sony HVL-IRM
IR Light for above camera and an Engineer Directional Compass (Standard Magnetic Type)

Brought by Terry;  Extech 403250 Laser Thermo Meter, Camcorder, Sony CCD-TRV-98 with optional
Sony HVL-IRC Range extender for outdoor night use & 17 Hour batteries, EMF meter, hand held
Multi detector Pro. made in Germany, Tri-Field Natural EM Meter with audio alarm & illuminated for
night work. Mini Alert motion Detectors, Minolta DiMAGE 7 HI Digital camera with Sunpak
4000AFexternal flash, Extech 45320 Hydro-thermometer, Sony ICD-MS515 Digital voice recorder and
Apple iMac running Panther OSX for all analog audio & video conversion to digital formats.

Brought by Tom and Angie; Pentax A3000 35mm with ISO 200 film and an emendable flash, Canon
PowerShot A520 digital camera and Canon Powershot G5 digital camera.

We arrived at this historic home at approximately 3:30 p.m. where the property owner met us and
opened the house to start our investigation.  We first did a safety walk through of the premises and
removed debris such as glass bottles, trash, broken glass, etc.  We also addressed other safety
issues such as nails, etc.  In areas where such hazards could not be corrected we marked them with
red chemical glow sticks.  Areas with glow sticks included the storage area under the front stairway
on the entrance level, peeled and curled linoleum on the floor of an upper room, a stove pipe
opening in the floor on the second level, a loose banister on the stairway in the far most rear of the
stone section and a board nailed to the floor of the lowest level of the stone house.  A total of 5 red
chemical glow sticks were used to mark areas for caution.  Also all doors within the home were fully
opened prior to the initial equipment set up.

Video cameras were placed by Tom and Terry in various portions of the home for continuous
recording and were moved to various rooms including the spring house during this investigation.  
A digital voice recorder was also randomly placed by Terry utilizing voice activation along with a
very sensitive EMF meter and two motion detectors.  Everyone in attendance took several still
photographs and Tom also utilized a film camera for potential evidence collection.  I used my
portable IC Recorder for note taking and several EVP attempts with varied experiments.  All notable
structures and remains upon the property were investigated at some degree during this
investigation including the cemetery near this home.

1. Terry had randomized spiking on his EMF meter in various rooms at various times of up to 5 milli
gauss. There was no rational explanation as they came and went.  I also experienced this with my
meter as well, but not as frequent as Terry.  A cold breeze sensation came with some of the EMF

2. Three doors within the home went from fully open to shut during the investigation.  These were,
in order of occurrence, one door on the 2nd level going from the wood addition area to the original
stone structure (where the 3 steps are at about 7:45 p.m.), the main door going onto the second
floor (between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m.) and the door to the room on the right on the first level inside the
main front entrance area (at about 10:50 p.m.).  The upstairs door going to the second level at the
top of the stairway is most notable as we discovered this door drags and is VERY HARD to get fully
closed with even 2 people.  All doors were closed when no one was inside the building.  Video
tapes will have to be reviewed for further evidence or explanation of these occurrences.

3. At approximately 8:45 p.m. a window pane on the upstairs window across from the main entry door
into the second floor shattered and broke inward with the window being fully boarded from the

4. Towards the end of the investigation 4 out of 5 of the Red Chemical Glow sticks were discovered
missing from all locations except in the storage area below the main front stairway.  3 of the 4 were
found pushed outside the house from the back most stairway in the stone portion of the home
through an opening at the bottom of the wall.  The fourth stick was never found.  No one in
attendance admitted to moving such and it was noted that they were all present prior to members
going to the cemetery leaving only myself and Terry behind while they were gone.  Video evidence
will need further examination to see if further explanation can be determined.

5. I witnessed an unexplainable bluish flash of light in the room to the right side of the entry area by
the front door right about 4:30 p.m.  This was in the corner along the door wall where it meets the

6. Terry while upstairs with no one else in the house witnessed a moving light at the bottom of the
staircase going from that same room to the one across from it.

7. Tom witnessed a human size bluish glow come up the back stairway at about 6:15 p.m. in the
stone portion of the house past him and into a room adjacent to where Terry, Cousin Greg and
myself were in at the time.  We did not see such glowing, but Terry's portable EMF meter did spike
to between 3 and 5 milli gauss at this time and we felt a quick cool breeze.

8. In the lowest accessible rooms of the stone side at about 9:30 p.m. temperature variations
ranging from 47 degrees down to 35 degrees were noted and in small pockets. The location of
variances changed and moved while being investigated.

9. Some of the investigators experienced a strange "charging" of equipment batteries vs. draining.

10. Another investigator experienced a push at the front door by an unseen force toward the end of
the investigation.

Several hundred digital pictures were taken by everyone in attendance.  Tom took several film
pictures on his Pentax 35mm camera. Video cameras were continuously ran by both Terry and Tom.  
Audio recordings were obtained by Terry, Tom and myself.   All collected video, pictures and audio
are in need of further analysis to determine potential evidence. Since a quite extensive amount was
obtained this may take as long as a month to complete.

Preliminary Analysis

Analysis of digital pictures revealed nothing remarkable except some questionable orbs with
possible movement.  We also will remark that the interior of the old house is very dusty and any
orbs captured during this investigation should be scrutinized, however these more notable orbs do
not have the same characteristics as the ones created by the abundance of dust.

Preliminary analysis of my audio recordings show some remarkable segments which will need to be
further analyzed.

Analysis of data collected by Terry and Tom of Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri is still pending as is that
of Regina and Dan of Missouri Paranormal Research.

Final Analysis & Results

Upon further analysis of the questionable orb pictures, it can be further determined that all have
explainable causes including dust and lens flaring.

Final analysis of MPR's audio recordings show 10 notable captures of EVP's.  A detailed EVP
summary is attached.

Tom captured a possible apparition on 35mm film from the time noted above when he saw the
human size glow move up the stairway and past him. Preliminary analysis by Greg Best of the Oracle
Paranormal Research Society (O.P.R.S) shows that this picture is truly "unexplainable" and most
likely impossible to recreate. He noted how self illuminating the anomaly was and even casting such
light from it upon the boarded up window, wall and even the staircase railings. The negative will be
sent to Kodak laboratories and professionals for further analysis. Both teams involved will also
have to attempt the recreation of this capture on a follow-up investigation to rule out other
possible explainable causes within the environment of that area of this house.

Terry captured some notable audio clips from the video cameras used during investigation.  Some
contain unexplainable noises and there is one of the noise captured when the heavy second floor
door was unexplainably closed and another from when the window shattered during the

It is the opinion of MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH that enough unexplainable evidence was
captured and/or experienced to substantiate the high probability of an actual haunting or
paranormal activity.  Further analysis of Tom's picture will possibly aide to substantiate this as an
actual haunting.  Follow up investigation(s) will have to be conducted to further document specific
activity and to attempt the possible collection of additional evidence.  An attempted recreation of
the unexplainable photograph that was captured by Tom will be needed for documentation.  Also,  
the testing of the wiring within this home with an electrical meter will be needed as evidence to
rule out explainable causes for spiking in the EMF meters during the investigation.

Gregory Myers, President
The March 4, 2006 Follow up to this
investigation can be found by going
The June 24, 2006 Follow up to this
investigation can be found by going
Report Completed December 9, 2005
History and Profile of Home and Property
Potential Evidence for Analysis and Evaluation
Resulting Evidence
Human Experiences and Oddities

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