Tom of Missouri Paranormal Research (now Paranormal Task Force) & Ghosts &
Haunts in Missouri captured a possible apparition on 35mm film from the time
noted above when he saw the human size glow move up the stairway and past him.
Preliminary analysis by Greg Best of the Oracle Paranormal Research Society
(O.P.R.S) shows that this picture is truly "unexplainable" and most likely impossible
to recreate. He noted how self illuminating the anomaly was and even casting such
light from it upon the boarded up window, wall and even the staircase railings.

This picture is now featured as the cover of "Ghost Caught  on Film 2" by Jim
Eaton and can be purchased at major retail book outlets and online.
The below pictures were taken on the follow up investigation of March 4, 2006.  
These include ones for measurement use, one of Tom standing in the approximate
location of where the above anomaly was captured and then one of the general
We have estimated that the above anomaly was about  5' 7" to 5" 7 1/2".  All males
at the investigation in November were taller than this and all females were shorter.

Click on the below thumbnails for full size pictures.
The above pictures were captured by Tom of MPR now PTF on his digital Cannon IS2-IS
5 megapixel camera.  The stairway one was taken while Tom had his camera set up on a
tripod taking a picture automatically every 60 seconds.  The shutter speed was 1/60 of
a second and aperture setting of f-stop 5.7 using the built in flash.  All frames taken
before and after this picture were clear with and not anomalous.  This was captured at
11:01 p.m.  we can not think of any explainable cause for this capture.  Any opinions
and questions are appreciated and can be addressed through email or at our online
Forum located at:

The other thumbnail pictures (click on them for full size) were taken by hand.  The first
two are at the nearby private cemetery and the third one with the very notable orb was
taken in Room 3.

We also do not want to let the fans of "orbs" down.  Even though there are multiple
explainable causes for captured orbs on pictures, we thought those that like orb
pictures would enjoy these.  Click on them for a larger size to view.

The first four pictured below were captured by Sona in the private cemetery at the
same time her EVP's were captured.

The last three were captured by Angie while her camera was set on a tripod to take a
picture every 60 seconds.
Below are various enhanced and outlined version of the Staircase picture captured by
Tom on the March 4, 2006 investigation.  This was done to enhance the visible parts of
translucent human like human figure at the bottom of the staircase.  If you look hard
enough you will see a shoe and leg with some other noticeable features.  Remember
the shutter speed for this picture was 1/60th of a second with the aperture at 5.6
f-stops.  Even a fast moving human is caught with these settings in a solid form and
not as a see through translucent state.

Even though others have attempted recreations using the exact settings as Tom's
camera was on and all were unable to achieve the translucent effect of a real human with
the 1/60th shutter speed part of validating this staircase photograph will also still include
the most visible portion of the possible apparition which is the shoe and lower portion of
the pants leg compared to the human investigators there that night.  I have started a
show gallery below by cropping various investigation photos from that night with focus
on this part of the investigator.   More will be added when obtained.
Crop of the possible
apparition on the
staircase above.

Here is a very nice enhancement shared with us done
by someone with great imaging software.  There is a
good point here, where is the leg? if you can see the
opening in the boot?
This picture of Greg on the same staircase was taken on a follow up investigation
of 6/24/06. Greg is about 5'10".  This gives a better visual of the size of the anomaly

Here is a very nice enhancement shared with us done
by someone with great imaging software.  There is a
good point here, where is the leg? if you can see the
opening in the boot?
We are sharing a piece of odd potential evidence from our follow up investigation of this
investigation.  This video was captured at 9:51 p.m. (21 minutes after the lock down of the house was

The video can be viewed here (be sure to turn off the music at the bottom of this page first):

Also, here is the audio from Jason's video camera which also captured this same sound.  His camera
was on the 2nd Floor in the room to the left when going up the stairs (Room 4 or the Blue Room).

And here is the same clip caught faintly on Steven M's camera which was located at the rear room on
the second floor.

and the audio from Colorado Tom's camera which was at the top of the middle stairway:

Here is part of an email I sent to those on the investigation concerning this as I hope to get input from
others due to my drum or knock pattern theory:

For those who had audio and/or video in operation during lock down of the house, I have had time
today to just hook my camcorder to the television to watch it.  The most notable thing I have is about
the 9:50 - 9:51 p.m. timeframe where it sounds like someone or something is falling down the steps
then hits bottom at first.  Then upon listening more, this may actually be a drum beat of some sort.

My video camera was at the bottom of the main stairway just inside the front entrance door.  The
sound was very loud.  I can not believe that this sound is so loud on my camcorder by the front door
that no one outside heard it since some of us were sitting in chairs near there.

The actual lock down started at 9:29 - 9:30 p.m. and I know Elliot and the MPIA guys went to the
structures to the East of the house and the Feng Shui people were out front in their chairs as was I,
and Steven was talking to Carol.

There are the explainable things left:

1. Someone was drumming a beat on the porch or a wooden window.  But to rule that out with the
Feng Shui people and documentary people along with the mix of investigators no one would do this
as it would be very unprofessional if caught.  

2. Something falling down stairs is still not out of the question.  However no one reported any
equipment being found at the bottom of a stairway and damaged or other objects.  The outside front
stairs are concrete, so they can be ruled out.

3. Someone sneaking around back of the house or a side and doing it wither with our group or a local
person.  However, the people outside the house would have also heard it and instantly investigated.

4.  Something on the roof rolling down the slate roof tiles and off, but then again outside people
would have heard this and slate would not be so woody sounding or drum sounding.

Even if we can not explain this sound, it will be very hard to convince anyone outside of this
investigation that this is paranormal and not human, so we will be left with a paranormal clue of sorts.  
So as a clue of sorts to identify an associated spirit then lets look at this intelligently.  I also need
everyone to check their camcorders for the 9:50 - 9:51 p.m. time frame and see what was captured on
theirs and the level of sound so we can determine the best logical location of the sound source as in
what internal room, floor, etc.  If this loud sound is just on my or two cameras then that will add further
oddities to the unexplainable.

Now, this sound is a clue or characteristic of a spirit then I fell it could be representative of two things:

1. A possible residual or replay of a past even such as falling down the stairs etc.

2. A possible representation of someone who was a drummer or played drums in their human life.

3. A way someone in the past knocked on the door when visiting or when they got home.

4. Other ones I have missed. (Tap dancing has been suggested now) & (a child jumping around on the

Not being suggestive, but personally I lean towards the drummer or knocking side.  If this is the case
then can we get this pattern identified to a specific song or songs and the era they are from?  If we
can do that then we can research the human occupant history a bit further and see if any were
drummers, etc. and maybe identify the spirit making this specific sound.

All input and additional evidence from this specific timeframe appreciated so we can solve this

I have attached the video clip in a lower MPEG format since nothing visual was associated with the
sound.  The sound is still loud and clear.  We can extract a better version from my tape when needed.

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