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Subject: My Decision
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007 3:28 PM

I want everyone to read the following very carefully.  I want you all to take a day or two before asking questions.  This is something
that I have to do for myself and my family.  Also, it is a great way to preserve the friendships that are there within the group
already.  I would hate to ever get to the point where I am resented.  Greg you are seeing this for the first time not to hurt your
feelings but to make it possible for me to make the right decision without you talking me out of it.  I know you would have meant
well.  This does not change you and I working together on projects that will never change.  I just cannot be an investigator in the
traditional sense anymore.  This makes a whole lot of sense to do this right now than later.  We need to figure out what to do with
the website because I am going to need one of my own.  We could maybe piggy back them.  We will decide this in the next few
days.  This is my decision and has nothing to do with anything or anyone  else.  I know we will get through this time of transition
without too much problems.  We have actually in many ways been living this way already.  Give me a few days to breathe a sigh of
relief that I have made the decision.  I need to take a few days completely away from everything.  After speaking with publisher
and speaking with the survivors it became very clear that I needed to make this move now and not later.  This does not mean that
someday I might become a full investigator  again,  However, I think this new road is going to take me very far away from that.  
Ken the 3 Paramigo's change to Greg, Investigator.  Steven, Survivor, and Ken Demonologist.  As you can see we will still work
very closely on some things.  This is not an ending for any of us.  This is a move in the right direction for all of our futures.  



At some point in their lives, everyone reaches a point where they must sit back, examine their lives, and make some hard
decisions. That is the point I am in my life. Initially it was frightening to find myself standing in the middle of a crossroad trying to
decide which way I should turn. I have, however, decided which way to turn, which path I should follow.   

The first decision concerns Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR). Greg Myers and I have worked very closely together for three
years, and I think it is safe to say that we are paranormal brothers in everyway. However, I am stepping down as as administrator
of MPR and The Paranormal Task Force and placing the responsibility for those organizations into the very capable hands of Grey
and Tom Halsted.

Those who know me well, know that I have gone through life changing events over the past several years. It's time for me to turn
my attention to my children who mean the world to me, focus more attention on my second life which is helping people who find
themselves facing unnamed demons, and giving what is left of me to several other projects, not the least of which is the
Survivor's Tour that will begin in 2008, the release in early summer 2008 of The Union Screaming House, a semi-autobiography,
written by myself and Laura Long Helbig, that recounts my family's face off with an extreme haunting, and some other projects
that are just in the planning phase.

This decision will protect the valuable relationships that have been fostered within the MPR family and allow everyone involved to
devote themselves to the developing their personal interests in areas of the paranormal. For example, Greg's primary interest has
always been the research side of investigations and the analysis of collected evidence. My thing has always been to help the
people themselves who are in need. I want, I need to become more involved in this area, not only to protect individuals and their
familes, but myself and my own also.

The last three years have been fabulous and I wouldn't have wanted to be doing anything else. However, it will be impossible for
me to give 100% to MPR and The Paranormal Task Force knowing that my energies and attention are vitally needed in other areas
of my life.

The ghost hunting workshops that Greg and I have scheduled at the Pythian Castle in Springfield, Missouri, will go on. Greg will be
speaking at the Chicago convention alone and, for the first time as the administrator of MPR. Greg, Ken Deel, and I will continue
the Three Paramigos radio show heard on Sunday nights, but that will be the extent of my day-to-day involvement with MPR and
The Paranormal Task Force. Those will be Greg's and Tom's babies and I wish them well. Will I make myself available to them on
certain investigations? Of course, but they are true professionals, and I doubt they'll need to call on me very often! MPR has been
planning a 2008 convention for St. Louis, Missouri, and I will be very happy to continue to help with that as necessary.

This is a positive move for everyone that is concerned. Greg and Tom are ready to take over MPR, and I am ready for my new
adventures, and, as I said, focus on my family, providing solid advice to people who are facing their own extreme hauntings,
teaching others about the paranormal, writing projects with Laura (and we have a lot of those planned!), and the Survivor's Tour.
Also, I am more than just the paranormal.  There are some other very positive things outside the paranormal that require my

I think my decision is beneficial to everyone concerned. Am I nervous? You bet I am! And don't think for one second think that I will
not be working with Greg and Tom and the MPR on future projects simply because none are specifically listed here. I will be.
However, I am more that just the "paranormal figure" people have come to know and now is the time to focus on those things that
make the most sense for my family and me. I'm not going anywhere, I'm just shifting my focus.

I will continue to be a consultant for those who need assistance, advice, or direction on extreme hauntings.

This announcement is effective immediately. I hope everyone will wish me well as I set out on these new adventures.  

Steven LaChance
Steven LaChance's Farewell Email 1
July 28, 2007

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Subject: Re: The State PTF and Divisions including MPR (Needs a Reply from Each and Everyone)
Date: Friday, July 27, 2007 1:45 AM

I wanted to thank everyone that has written to me with words of encouragment.  This is the step in the right direction.  I want to
see this team to continue and flourish in the coming months and years.  I will never be further than a phone call or an email away.  
I want to continue encouraging each of you to write.

I want to take a moment to explain further why it was necessary for me to do this.  My goal has always been and will remain to
help those in paranormal need.  It is a fight that I will never be able to turn away from. However, what is the best way for me to do
this?  Is to put myself in spiritual danger everytime I go out on an extreme case?  In some ways I am different in this respect.  At
anytime something could step in and try to take my life down a very dark road.  I have been there.  My family has been there and I
am not willing to take that risk anymore.  So the question remains, how do I continue to help others?  My answer to that question
was to help through education, speaking, writing, and consultation.  This is the best path for me to take.  

Where does my family come into play in all of this?  It is no secret that I have had a very hard time with my daughter.  She grew up
and left way too fast.  Eli is only going to be home for about one more year.  And Elliot not much more after that.  I want to be able
to spend quality time with them with the remaining time I have left before college and life comes into play.

What are the projects I am working on?  Well the Union book has been picked up by Lwellyn Worldwide.  It will be released in the
early summer of 2008.  Then there is the film version of the book which we will know more about in November of this year.  Also,
in the works are two more books and a series of books that Lwellyn is very interested in publishing.   Then there is the Haunted
Survivors Tour which is going to take me away once a month starting in early 2008.  It is estimated that we could be traveling with
this tour three years or more.  There are other projects in the works as well.

What will I be doing with Greg?  I am excited about him putting together an audio CD for the Union House.  This is something that
he really wants to do and I am very excited about supporting him in this.  Then we have our ghosthunting workshops which will
continue.  And an opportunity to teach at a college.  Also, the weekly broadcast of the 3 Paramigos.  As you can see, I will not be
seeing or speaking to Greg any less through the upcoming months.  

You guys need to decide if you want to do the convention.  If you do, I will offer my help and support in doing so.  

My non-paranormal life is going fantastic!  I am starting a great career in broadcasting and need to keep this up and running.  

Each and everyone of you means a whole lot to me.  I do not expect this transition to be an easy one for any of us.  However, I do
expect that it will be done with the professional attitude that has been the cornerstone of this group from the beginning.  

This is the "right" time to make this move.  It would be easy for one person to sit back and think I have been influenced by others
to make this decision.  However, to do this would be worng.  This was "my" decision for very personal reasons.  

I think this will help you understand more why I am doing this.  I will be seeing all of you around.  That is a promise.  However, this
is what I need to do for this time in my life.  Good luck to the team and good luck to Greg, Judy and Tom who I know will lead this
team to coninued success.  Greg, Judy, and Tom at this time I am handing over to all three of you the trademark of Missouri
Paranormal Research.  I will still retain all rights to all of my written and intellectual works.  However, I do give MPR and the PTF
permission to continue to use them for site and learning purposes.  I also take my personal experiences that I have experienced
administrating this group with me as well.  

It is times like these when you find out who your true friends are.  Friends are supportive and understanding of a decision like
this.  Thank you for your support and understanding which you has already given.  This is a bright future for all of us.  

Steven LaChance's Farewell Email 2
July 27, 2007

From: Steven LaChance
To: greg
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 4:09 AM
Subject: It Is Best


I have decided to kindly back out of all the other projects as well.  Not for any reason that I do not have the time and money for
them.  So when Angie works on the banner for Pythian you can leave me off.  It will need to be made clear that I am not going to be
there. We want to make clear to anyone trying to purchase tickets or has purchased tickets that I am not going to be there.  That
goes for Cape as well.  Also, while in Louisville I will be rooming with Elliot and Ken.  Both of them are coming to be essential parts
of the filming that we are going to do at the convention with the Survivors Tour.  Also, The Paramigo's are going to be taping the
show there.  With them and all of the equipment there is not going to be any room for anyone else.  So, you are going to have to get
your own room.  There is just no way around it.

That email about the Harney was not meant to sound so harsh.  But, I know there are going to be certain people that are not going
to be happy that you are going to be there.  They were sent that same email as well.  I wanted to make them aware of what was
going on.  I hope everyone involved will remain very professional on that day for the sake of the foundation.  I will not even be there
during the festival.  I will not arrive until much later in the day after you and MPR have already left.  However, I want everyone that
is there to be cordial to each other.

I am going to back away more completely now.  I have some very personal reasons for doing this.  I think it is best.  No hard
feelings now or in the future for anyone on the team or for you for that matter.  Reasons why?  Actually, I do not owe anyone
anymore explanation other that what I have already said.  I do not feel I need to apologize to anyone for my decision.  I will not be
concerned with what anyone thinks about my decision.  Just like you, I am feeling more than a little awkward about the whole
situation.  The BS that has followed this whole thing has more me than a little soured.  I would have been happy for anyone that
had left the team for the reasons that I did.  Why could people not be happy for me?  If it took so much to keep "everyone in line" at
that party then why was it given in the first place?  Never mind, I really do not want to know anymore.  I have feelings too.  I feel like
that I have been walking around apologising to everyone for everything when it hit me, "What in Gods name am I apologising
for?"   I did nothing wrong.  I was completely honest and open.  I spoke from my heart.  I will not apologise for that.  

If I ever get that domain thing from Yahoo I will send it to you.  I have no problem with that.  I never did have a problem giving things
to you for the team.  I have already given you the TM on the logo and name.  The team concepts and website.  All of these belonged
to me originally and I left them to you.  Not once have you or the team thanked me for that.  It was not owed to any of you. It was a
gift.  I let you continue to use most of my writings.  I didn't have to do that as well.  It would have been nice to be told thank you for
all of this, but the majority of what I got was not even close to a thank you.  See, where I am coming from?

I was not going to say any of this.  But, I think I need to let a lot of these hurt feelings blow over.  Anyone here that had a right to be
hurt by someones behavior was me.  And it is going to take some time to get over that hurt.  So in the future when you start feeling
bad about my decision, just remember all of the things that were given to you and the team in the end. Remember that I left on
good terms and all of the things that I gave you.  Because if it were not for me that team would not be where they are today.  It
would not exist.

Let's go on our own way now.  I wish you and the team luck.  I really do.  I think this is best at least for now.  

Steven LaChance's Farewell Email 3
Augusr 18, 2007