Electronic Voice Phenomena: E.V.P.

Hi, I am Greg, the President and EVP Specialist for Paranormal Task Force. Though I feel there
are no true "experts" in this field, myself included, I will try to provide you a wealth of
information and experience concerning this Phenomena which is main streaming through the
paranormal research and investigative filed. This will be accomplished through multiple guides,
FAQ's and articles which are currently in process of being written and will be available soon
through this page and the Article Area of our site. You will also have access to listen to EVP's
captured by myself and others in the MPR family while on investigations.

We also have opened the
audio library where you can share your captures with other users and
listen to what others have captured themselves.   The audio library can be found via the
navigation bar on the left.  Also, the discussion of this phenomena and captured EVP's can be
shared on our open online forum.

MPR will also be offering free analysis and cleaning of your EVP's.
So, sit back, kick your shoes off, pull out your headphones and enjoy what we have the
pleasure to offer you.

FREE EVP ANALYSIS - If you would like PTF to perform an analysis and cleaning of your EVP to
the best of our abilities then please submit it in either .wav or .mp3 format and email it to


Please try to include the time and date when it was captured, if on an investigation or privately,
any circumstances surrounding it and a summary of identifiable noises and voices including
where you initially suspect the EVP is located at on the audio segment you send. Also, if you
would like us to include it in our audio library section to share with others then please include
your name or group you would like credit given to and the website URL of your group. We will
try to get back with you as soon as possible concerning your submissions. Please limit your
submissions to 2 audio segments or 2 minutes of audio per request. Longer and multiple
segments will be handled on a case by case basis and as time permits, please email in advance
with such special request for further instructions.

EVP SUBMISSIONS to share with others in our audio library can also be sent to with the inclusion of the above information as well. We thank
you in advance for your generosity and sharing you captured phenomena with others.

I would also like to take this time to personally thank Todd Bates and his awesome crew at

who have been the inspiration for my passion with EVP's. If there
is a true "expert" with this phenomena within the paranormal research and investigative field
then Todd Bates is that person.
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