Footprints In The Sand

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene he noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand: one belonging
to him, and the other to the LORD.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of
his life there was only one set of footprints.

He also noticed that it happened at the very
lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he
questioned the LORD about it:

"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
you, you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why when
I needed you most you would leave me."

The LORD replied:

"My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

written by Mary Stevenson
Music provided by local St. Louis
artist Ian Baird

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"Thick as Thieves"
CD: Dark World Soundtrack
(Not Yet Released)
Artist: Ian Baird
Credits: (p)(c) 2006 Ian Baird

This is not going to be a normal investigative report for a number of reasons.
1. The extraordinary length of time spent  investigating the location.
2. The personal relationship with the clients and location.
3. The large amount of teams and investigators allowed to visit location.
4. A certain amount of evidence and observation will remain private due to the sensitive nature of
the case.

It is not often that a team gets the opportunity to have years of extended observation at a location.  
The amount of data from almost five years of research would cover a complete book.  Due to the
limited space here, we are to make the overall observations more general for the time being.

Due to the personal relationship between myself, the location, and the clients, there is a number of
items that will remain private.  Myself and the family lived our lives in the public eye very openly
and honestly for almost two years.  Too open.  Our lives were put under severe scrutiny that no one
should ever have to endure.  People have taken things out of context about our lives.  People have
made unfair generalizations about our lives.  And some people have and continue to spread
complete lies and falsehoods about our lives during this period.  These persons will be dealt with
directly further within the report.   The important thing to remember is that these individuals are not
only attempting to attack MPR, but our client as well which goes beyond any sense of decency on
their part.

There were many teams and individual investigators that were allowed access to this location.  It
was always the intention to share this unique haunting with as many people interested as possible.  
It would be very difficult to combine all their observations for the purpose of this report. Also, on
one occasion the location was opened to a social group who’s  main purpose was to tour locations
not as investigators, but as tourists.  During this visit, the resident of the property asked for a
donation from each of the tourist to cover the expense of getting the house ready.  Very few, if any
paid the resident the requested donation of ten dollars which was a shame. The remaining expense
of the evening fell onto the resident.   There has been some questions about this one time tour and
the amount of money that changed hands.  The group was not there to help the client in anyway, but
to satisfy their own personal curiosity so like many other places, the Lemp Mansion for example, the
client requested a donation.  The numerous experiences would be impossible to document at this

Due to the extreme and demonic nature of this case and the ongoing treatment that the client and
her family are going through, there is going to be a certain amount of data that will not be shared at
this time due to their privacy and safety.

What we will try to accomplish here is to provide you with enough of the data to understand the
nature and severity of this case. We will also very directly clear up any rumors about this case.  
Also, you will find under the different tabs, numerous examples of evidence taken from the house.   
You will also find the inclusion of the true account which is being printed in its short story form in a
book being published by Barnes and Noble in June of 2006.  No money exchanged hands for the
inclusion of this account in the book.  Neither MPR or its agents has taken any monetary
compensation for any of the evidence collected or for its observations.  We do not charge our
clients for our services.

The actual property could be historically traced back to the 1800’s when the parcel was part of a
larger parcel of land owned by Captain John T. Crowe, his first wife Minerva, and his subsequent
wives which little is known about.   Captain Crowe was a very distinguished member of the
community who acted as Sheriff, Judge, School Board President, and Head of the town Morales
Committee throughout different parts of his life.  Captain Crowe is best known for starting the First
Missouri Militia during the Civil War.   Captain Crowe married well when he married Minerva
Breckenridge.  Minerva was part of the famous Kentucky and St. Louis Breckenridge families.  The
slaves that were kept on the Crowe property were actually owned by Minerva and her father.   The
Union House sits on the part of the land that was either the horse stables or the slave quarters.  
The speculation is due to how close these two buildings were to each other.  

In the early, 1900’s Captain Crowe sold his part of his property to John Saey, who later became the
Governor of Oklahoma.  The remaining portion of the property was given to the city known as the
Crowe addition.  

The actual Union House was built in 1932.  It appears that the house was built from a kit bought from
Sears and Roebuck.   This was not unusual due to the fact that the house sits very close to railroad
tracks.   It is very common that these kit homes are found near railroad access due to the fact that is
the way they were shipped.

The land that the house is built upon is surrounded by many different items of historical interest.  
The house is very near to the nursing home which during the civil war was used as an infirmary and
later during the early part of the 20th Century was used as the Franklin County Poor Farm.  During
this time, it was well known fact that when a person died they were buried in an unmarked grave
somewhere on the surrounding land.  It is not too much of a leap to assume that due to the close
proximity of the Union House to the old Poor Farm that the Union House property could be the
bearer of a few unmarked graves. The neighborhood surrounding the house has had a very colorful
history.  It is known that during the late 1800’s a slave killed his wife with an axe near the property.  
Directly behind the Union House still stands two buildings that were used as the town General Store
and the town Saloon.  It is historically noted that during the history of these two buildings there
were numerous brawls and shootings with some of them ending in death.   Directly across from the
Union House stands two older homes on the neighboring street.  In one of the houses in about 1973
a woman shot her husband fatally and then shot herself taking her own life.  In the second house
about six years ago a man took his young son into the house and committed suicide with a gun to
the head in front of the boy.   There is also evidence that suggests the possibility of six civil war
soldiers being executed somewhere on the property.  

The history of the haunting we were able to track back to 1965 by speaking with long time residents
of the neighborhood and previous residents of the Union House itself.  We do know that during the
period  from about sometime in 1999 through January of 2002, that seven families had lived in the
house.  It was also noted that in some of these cases the residents would leave without their
belongings, some of them taking a long time to pick up their personal property and some never
returning to retrieve it.   We obtained this information by speaking with the neighbors, previous
residents, as well as, Darlene Peters, the Landlady who owns the property.  

We also feel that it is important to include in the history of the house that in July of 2005, Leisa , who
is now a member of a newly formed team in St. Louis,  requested from the client that she be allowed
permission to do a black magic spell in the basement of the home by placing a pentagram of salt on
the floor and cutting not only herself to bleed in the circle, but one of the neighbor boys as well.  At
the request of the client and the Administration of MPR, Leisa was not allowed to have access to
the property after this incident.  Three other members of MPR left the group due to this decision
and formed the new group.  MPR firmly believes and states upfront that by no means will it ever
condone or allow magic to play a part of its investigations.  We are publicly exposing this event due
to the fact that it might explain some of the events that took place after this event and also there is
a lot of untruths being told by these four individuals about this event, as well as, other falsities.   
MPR feels that it performed a service not only to its client but to Leisa as well by not allowing her
back onto the property.   In the months that followed it became very clear that we saved Leisa from
harm to herself, her family, and others around her.  A black magic ritual being performed at a
location that is now believed to be demonically possessed would have been not only careless, but
very dangerous.

The client also banned from the location Belinda from a different Missouri paranormal studies
group, citing incidents of unprofessional and brutal behavior.  The reason we have decided to
make this information public is due to the fact the Belinda has teamed up with Leisa along with the
others and is currently helping them in their campaign of lies and deceit.  All correspondence that
MPR or any of its agents has received from Belinda or any of the others has been turned over to
our attorney who is building a case of defamation against them on behalf of MPR and its agents.  
This haunting had its share of people troubles.  Lorraine Warren warns specifically about this type
of people trouble when dealing with a demonic haunting.  The evil feeds upon turmoil and is
constantly drawing to it the wrong people at the wrong time.  Lorraine also talked about people that
you thought you could trust would turn on a dime.  This was the case with the Union House.  We
were under constant attack.  The five mentioned above still to this day are behaving in much the
same way trying to spread lies and falsities not only about this case but MPR and its agents. Keep in
mind, there is a certain amount of bitterness that these people also feel because they all in some
way or another had made plans to further themselves on the back of this investigation.  This
obviously was caught and in the end left them very bitter toward MPR and its client.

During the course of the five year investigation we came across several incidents of undesirable
behavior which can be read about under our article, The Humanistic Approach.  However,
considering the amount of teams and individuals that visited the location the amount of incidents
were surprisingly low.

Missouri Paranormal Research was the sponsoring team that was investigating the Union House.  
However, due to the unusual nature of the haunting and the desire to share the location in  the
name of knowledge and unity, MPR also invited these people into the location.   This is not a
complete list.

The Spirit Chasing Ladies
The Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee

And many individuals.

Lorraine Warren acted as a personal consultant to the client and is still consulting with the client by
phone today.

Individuals who became a part of the MPR team due to this location are: Greg, Judy, Charlotte,
Theresa, Regina, and Greg.  

The St. Louis Ghost Social Group was allowed access for a tour and mock investigation which the
client was never paid the agreed sum for renting out her home for the event.

The Union House appeared to have many entities within it and surrounding it on the outside
grounds.  Through photographic evidence there seems to be three portals of entry from which
these entities come back and forth through.  The alley right behind the house, the basement of the
house, and an area in the front yard of the house.  

There were an ever changing array of entities that would come and go at any given time, but there
also seemed to be five that were present most of the time.  A man, a woman, a boy, a girl, and what
we have no better term for than a demon.  

Animals did not fair well in the Union House.  They would either be very ill or be found dead after
being brutally abused.  Two puppies, two kittens, and a hamster all lost their lives in the most
horrible of circumstances.  

There were acts of aggression toward humans at times in the house.  People were thrown, held
against walls, pushed, shoved down stairs, touched in inappropriate ways, bruised, bitten, as well
as, a number of people becoming physically ill by simple exposure to the house.  

There was also an emotional impact felt by not only the clients, but by visitors as well.  Feelings of
sadness, aggression, and anger were often felt.  Nightmares were not an unusual occurrence in
those that were exposed to the house.  And in fact, during the last days living in the house and
months after moving from the house two members of the clients family demonstrated symptoms of
extreme demonic oppression bordering on full blown possession.  Spiritual and psychiatric help
seemed to lessen the symptoms and at this time one of the two is completely recovered and the
other is on the way to recovering.

There were many audible signs of the haunting.  Growls, heavy breathing, singing, voices, prayers,
and screaming were often heard within the home, not only be the clients, but investigators as well.  
MPR was very proud to have captured numerous EVP’s from the location along with many

Visual apparitions were observed by many as well.  Black shadowy figures, as well as, recognizable
apparitions were seen.  The house had a way of tapping into the fears of children and often children
would see what frightened them most.  A clown, leprechaun, and monsters were often seen by
children.  However, all age groups were able to observe at different times the different

The house had many environmental factors that would suggest the extreme haunting.  EMF meters
would often max out while tracking moving magnetic fields.  Interestingly enough, the house would
give off some of the larger EMF readings when the power to the house was completely shut off.  
Hot spots and cold spots were not uncommon.  Sometimes the cold spots were extreme.  A base
reading of 65degrees and a cold spot of 22 degrees.  This extreme variance was observed
numerous times.  There was also a moving rancid smell that would move throughout the house, as
well as, another moving smell of perfume, and what appeared to smell like cookies baking.   

It needs to be understood that in the last months of the investigation of the house, numerous team
members were experiencing unexplained events in their homes.  Each time that spiritual guidance
was sought these events stopped.  There were extreme emotional changes noted in the clients.  
Changes that bordered and reached homicidal and suicidal levels.  
It is the belief of MPR, spiritual leaders of different churches, other investigating teams, the clients,
and others that the Union House is possessed.  It is the belief that there are three open portals
(locations which were described earlier) that these entities come and go through.  With any type of
demonic possession, it is hard to determine the amount of demons within the home.  Generally,
speaking there is never just one but many.   It is the common belief that the only way to truly heal
this land and home would be through an exorcism.  Until an exorcism is performed, the home
should be considered extremely dangerous to come in contact with for any given amount of time.  
We can not stress the danger of this location enough to the paranormal community, as well as, the
community of Union, Missouri .

This is just a brief summary of our findings.  The client and the clients family are ready to begin to
tell their full story.  Due to the personal nature of events we are going to let them tell when they are
ready and not through our report.  It is unusual to find a haunting of this caliber.  However, here is a
warning that MPR would like to send out to all  investigators, “You roll the dice every time you walk
into a location.  You need to be prepared for the event of walking into a haunting such as this.  It is
believed by many spiritual leaders of many different churches that within the next five years, a
haunting such as this will become more common place than any of us can imagine.  Your group
needs to arm themselves for that reality today.”  Any group or individual that needs guidance in this
area MPR and its agents would be happy to help.   Also, you will be seeing many articles and
projects from MPR directed toward preparedness in this area of investigation.  

In closing, MPR and its agents did whatever to deal with this haunting.  We made many mistakes and
had many successes. We made many friends and a few enemies.  The end result was that MPR
stayed with the client all the way through until they moved from the house and is staying in close
contact with them through this healing period.  Never once was the client deserted or made to feel
deserted.  Each advancement toward closure was taken hand in with the client and MPR.  The tough
decisions were made to protect the client and their interests.  

Finally, I would like to close this report in a very unconventional way for this unconventional
report.  With a poem.
Union, Missouri
Private Residence
May 2001- December 2005
The History
Teams That Investigated The Location
Final Thoughts


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